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A patent gives the owner a right to exclude others from practicing the claimed invention and can effectively give the owner a lawful patent monopoly. However, not all patents are created equally and thus, not all patents are of equal strength or value. 


At Fidelis Law Group, we understand the importance of creative yet careful management of our clients’ Intellectual Property (IP) assets. Specializing in intellectual property, we bring together technical and legal expertise in our commitment to provide quality legal representation.


Our primary mission is to provide solid patent prosecution for our clients’ inventions to protect and maximize the value of their IP assets. We apply our expertise in patent monetization and licensing, litigation, and strategic IP management to maximize the value of our service added to our clients’ investments. If necessary, we act aggressively to achieve our clients' objectives.


Also, we optimize our clients’ value return in IP transactions with our years of experience, resources, and global network.


While some of our attorneys have been trained at the most prestigious local, national and international law firms, some have worked in the electronics and computer industries, and bring an insider’s perspective to the problems our clients face. Our depth of experience in industry and law practice enables us to identify opportunities, anticipate problems, and provide practical solutions.


Our attorneys are dedicated to providing “big-law” service to clients with the flexibility and personal attention that only a smaller firm can provide. Our experience allows us to tailor our service to best meet our clients’ needs while offering more personalized service, lower billing rates, or even alternative fee arrangements with lean staffing and cross-office collaboration leading to efficient and complete coverage.



We practice all areas of patent law, including patent litigation, patent prosecution, and client counseling. Our practice emphasizes strategic patent portfolio prosecution, opinion work, due diligence, post-grant proceedings, and licensing.

We also have patent monetization experience with a broad range of cutting-edge technologies, including wireless communication devices, internet, audio codecs, mobile telecommunication, semiconductor, GPS, camera module, RFID, telematics, medical device, and a variety of wireless communications standards such as 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi standards.

We also have extensive experience in IP transactions and our IP transactions. Based on our years of experience and cultivated know-how, we locate and match technology portfolios that may be under-valued or under-utilized to potential buyers who are better positioned to maximize the value of such IP assets .

In addition to creating and consummating IP transactions, we also provide all the necessary ancillary services such as portfolio mining & evaluation, due diligence, and strategic IP management and development counseling.

Also, Fidelis Law Group has the expertise, resources, and global network to provide the highest level of IP mining services. We assist you in strengthening your technology portfolios by carefully analyzing them and assessing their strengths and needs.




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